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ISO 16612 (PDF/VT)

The ISO 16612 family of standards defines PDF/VT for supporting variable data and high-volume transactional printing. PDF/VT builds on top of PDF/X.

ISO 15930 (PDF/X)

The ISO 15930 family of standards define PDF/X, which support the graphic arts and professional printing sectors.

PDF 3D Formats

PDF 1.7 introduced interactive 3D support using the U3D file format. PDF 2.0 expanded 3D support to include the ISO PRC format, and an ISO extension was published to add support for STEP (AP242) 3D models.

ISO 16684 (XMP)

ISO 16684 is the ISO family of standards that defines XMP (eXtensible metadata platform) for XML-based metadata. XMP is widely used across PDF and other file formats, and is mandated by many of the ISO PDF subsets standards.

ISO 19444 (XFDF)

ISO 19444 specifies an XML format for representing forms data and annotations in ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0). It is the XML equivalent of FDF.

ISO 21757 (ECMAscript for PDF)

ISO 21757-1 defines the ECMAScript API for automating and interacting with the 2D and 3D content in PDF 2.0 documents.

ISO 23504 (PDF/R)

PDF/R defines a small subset of ISO 32000 suitable for storage, transport and exchange of multi-page raster-image (scanned) documents.

ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)

ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) defines the use of tagged PDF providing a mechanism for reuse of PDF page content, especially in the accessibility context.

ISO 24517 (PDF/E)

ISO 24517 defines PDF/E which is a subset of PDF 1.6 supporting the exchange of engineering documents in interactive and non-interactive workflows.

ISO 19005 (PDF/A)

ISO 19005 is a series of standards known as PDF/A which defines a subset of PDF for representing electronic documents in a manner that preserves their static visual appearance over time, independent of the tools and systems used for creating, …