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New large-scale PDF corpus now publicly available

This new corpus – nearly 8 million PDFs totaling about 8 TB – was gathered from across the web in July/August of 2021.



Adobe makes source code for 1984-era PostScript available

Adobe releases the source code for an early version of PostScript, the forerunner of PDF.

Cover of Adobe PostScript

SafeDocs Phase 3: Revolutionizing file format specifications, beginning with PDF

DARPA will provide seed funding of $1.3M for research and prototyping centered on reinventing the PDF specification and delivering on the benefits of defining file formats using unambiguous machine-readable assets.

Figurative representation of the future PDF specification.

SE Radio interviews Peter Wyatt & Duff Johnson on 30 years of PDF

In a new podcast episode, SE Radio’s Gavin Henry interviews PDF Association CTO Wyatt and CEO Johnson about a wide range of PDF topics.

SE Radio logo

PDF technical resources for the less technically-minded

Technical resources on pdfa.org are now more understandable and navigable by less technically experienced readers as well as knowledgeable developers.

ISO standards for PDF in 3 rows with 3 across

veraPDF 1.18 includes support for PDF/UA-1

Version 1.18 of veraPDF, the industry-supported PDF/A validator, is now available for download, and now includes support for PDF/UA-1 (machine checks) and other enhancements.

veraPDF logo

RIP Dr. Geschke

The PDF community was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Chuck Geschke, one of the visionaries who helped invent PostScript and PDF technology.

Dr. Chuck Geschke

TU Dresden: Accessible PDF documents – How to create from Word, Powerpoint and InDesign

The Technical University of Dresden has created very compact and clear instructions that describe in an easy-to-understand manner how to create accessible PDF documents.

TU Dresden Logo

New Application Note: Use of object metadata streams

PDF 2.0 Application Note 003 identifies precise locations for PDF objects’ XMP metadata to help drive interoperability across all PDF creators and consumers.

Application Note 003 cover

PDF Plays the Longest Game in Tech

A recent article on Medium reveals a nugget regarding PDF usage: “…Adobe reports that in its 2020 fiscal year alone, about 303 billion PDFs were opened using its Document Cloud service, a 17% annual increase….” As the article rightly points …

Man sits at desk with old computer.

Industry to ratify first set of proposed resolutions to PDF 2.0 specification issues

The recently-announced pdf-issues GitHub repo already has 25 issues, with 12 proposed resolutions for review in the next PDF TWG meeting.

PDF issues on GitHub