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The PDF Association hosts a library of recordings of educational presentations by members and guest speakers at industry events. This collection, now including downloadable slide decks in many cases, is now accessible from pdfa.org.

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Peter Wyatt
The future: re-imagining the best possible definition of PDF

We can and must do better if PDF is to remain reliable, portable, and relevant – and thus grow into the future for all its stakeholders. And now, we have that chance…


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All about the PDF Association
Find out why the world needs a meeting-place for PDF developers.
Duff Johnson at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

How do organizations and individuals using PDF technology benefit from membership in the PDF Association? Subjects covered include: Why the PDF ecosystem matters Technical benefits, including access to ISO draft documents and developer communities Marketing benefits, including articles, products and …

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across organization through individual efficiency
How ABBYY FineReader PDF can be effective part of organization document management system
Anna Koltsova at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Archiving

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across the organization through individual efficiency Document-related needs vary across industries, jobs, and even individual organizations and employees. Although mostly done digital, today’s document workflows are still heavily mixed, causing various challenges for information …

Digital Transformation and PDF – why OCR is not only for capturing  paper documents
OCR contribution into effective work with PDFs
Anna Koltsova at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Archiving Reuse

Digital Transformation and PDF – why OCR is not only for capturing  paper documents In the modern office there is not only paper documents and digital-born editable PDFs, but a lot of documents which are digital but not or only …

SAP and Digital Signature
How to integrate QeS into highly automated Processes
Dr. Uwe Wächter at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Digital signatures Engineering / 3D

The aerospace industry has strict requirements for the submission of digital documents. For example, the qualified electronic signature is mandatory for construction documents of aircraft components. The digital signature should make the sender clearly identifiable and ensure that the document …

The ISO standards process
A look at behind the curtain at how the PDF standards are made
Leonard Rosenthol at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
PDF 2.0

Come and learn how an idea becomes a standard!  We’ll look at some recent work driven by the PDF Association to advance the state of the art in PDF technology and the process it undergoes to become an ISO standard. …

Open source implementation of PDF/UA validation
Extending veraPDF to syntax checks of Tagged PDF and PDF/UA-1
Boris Doubrov at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

We demonstrate the extension of veraPDF framework for validating syntax of PDF/UA-1 and Tagged PDF including formal list of checks, test corpus development and visualization of the reports. Additionally, we discuss ambiguous requirements of both PDF/UA-1 and Matterhorn protocol and …

Automating document anonymization & pseudonymization in a browser
How to reduce errors and increase compliance by automating document anonymization / pseudonymization in a browser.
Andrey Safonov at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Security Document management

A high-level assessment of document anonymization & pseudonymization approaches used in business or compliance workflows. PDFTron will also discuss strategies on how to streamline workflows, reduce compliance risk, and improve document security.

PDF Optimization Proves to Drive Significant Improvement in Operational Efficiencies and Costs
Real-World Results Leveraging Optimized PDF in the Print and Digital Industries
Mary Ann Rowan at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Print Security CCM Archiving

PDF is used today in many different types of print and digital businesses. How well that PDF is structured is proving to make a significant impact in day-to-day processes, which in turn impacts operational efficiencies and costs. During this session, …

Why is making a PDF/UA document accessible so hard?
How to deal with the common challenges.
Adam Spencer at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Accessibility PDF 2.0

A common complaint about making documents accessible is too hard for most. This session will explore many of the common challenges faced by people learning how to make PDF/UA compliant documents. This presentation promotes the use of PDFs and explains …

3 ways to climb the PDF accessibility mountain
Which strategy fits your organisation?
Markus Erle at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Accessibility Creation

How do you get the fastest from the source document to the accessible PDF? We present 3 ways that help you to find the best PDF accessibility strategy for your organisation. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the …

Harnessing the Power of Open Standards in Manufacturing
Deploying a Connected, Collaborative, and MBE-Enabled Digital Enterprise
Stephen Collins at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Security Document management Engineering / 3D Archiving

Leading global manufacturers are realizing substantial performance benefits by embracing open data standards as the foundation of their Model Based Enterprise and Digital Transformation strategies.  This empowers more effective and secure data exchange and collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and …

What about an update of the WCAG Techniques for PDF?
Report from the PDF Association Working Group with a lot of practical examples
Markus Erle at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Accessibility Creation

Since December 2018 some of the world’s most trusted PDF accessibility experts work together to create atomic examples of WCAG 2.1 compliant PDF files. We report about the current status. You will get to know the basic concept as well …

A Specification for using PDF to Package and Represent Email
Results from a joint government / education / industry task force
Prof. Chris Prom at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

US government and academic preservationists are looking to PDF to take on the fight against email degradation. The EA-PDF (Email Archives in PDF) concept is under development; a document spelling out requirements for archiving email messages, folders or accounts as …

What’s new in the updated PDF 2.0 dated revision
Key changes in the very latest PDF 2.0 standard (soon to be published by ISO!) that every PDF expert should know
Peter Wyatt at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
PDF 2.0

Since the original publication of PDF 2.0 as the almost 1000-page ISO 32000-2:2017 specification, ISO subject matter experts have been working on a “dated revision” update to ISO 32000-2. This new and improved publication will soon replace the 2017 edition …

A “SafeDocs” update to industry
Learn about industry-relevant outcomes achieved by the "SafeDocs" research program to help secure PDF
Peter Wyatt at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

The PDF Association serves as an industry partner in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-funded Safe Documents (SafeDocs) program, with Peter Wyatt working on behalf of the PDF industry as the PDF Principal Investigator. The underlying SafeDocs’ approach is …

Capturing the richness of page description languages
How to retain the detail from non-PDF formats when they are converted into PDF
David Stevenson at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Reuse

How can you carry over the attributes expressed in a non-PDF format into a PDF so that their original intent is not lost especially when that detail may be required at another stage in the workflow? This talk looks at …

Evaluating Text Extraction at Scale
Case Study from Apache Tika
Tim Allison at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Accessibility Archiving

Apache Tika is widely used as a critical enabling technology for search in Apache Solr and other search systems. This open source library performs text and metadata extraction from numerous file formats, including PDF via an integration with Apache PDFBox. …

How to validate digitally signed PDFs correctly?
Validation can be a real challenge
Bernd Wild at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Digital signatures

A short overview about the process of signing a PDF document with single or serial signatures is given. The special features of PDF to support signature workflows like certificate signatures and allowing for dedicated modifications after signing is presented. This …

Centralized PDF transformation
Comment une infrastructure moderne et centralisée de transformation des données en PDF vous soutient à perfectionner vos processus
Gert Michiels at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Creation Archiving

Cette présentation vous aide à identifier des opportunités concrètes : Réduire les couts liés au stockage et colportage des images issus des processus de dématérialisation par une compression d’image avancée Harmoniser et optimiser vos documents numériques pour un accès universel, mobile …

Automate office files to PDF
Microsoft, LibreOffice or other? Answers to this and other questions.
Dietrich von Seggern at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Creation Archiving Reuse

Most office files are created with Microsoft Office and quality of conversion is defined by the degree to which it is the similar to what this suite creates – at least for visual appearance. What limitations do alternative converters have …