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The PDF Association hosts a library of recordings of educational presentations by members and guest speakers at industry events. This collection, now including downloadable slide decks in many cases, is now accessible from pdfa.org.

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Peter Wyatt
The future: re-imagining the best possible definition of PDF

We can and must do better if PDF is to remain reliable, portable, and relevant – and thus grow into the future for all its stakeholders. And now, we have that chance…


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Clouds on MARS
Is your cloud content strategy a ticking time bomb?
Carsten Heiermann at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

In this presentation you’ll learn about migrating content into cloud based repositories and ECM systems, based on hard facts and ECM market data. Many cloud migration projects failed, due to a lack of content migration strategies. MARS company did better, … Read more

Remote Worker Efficiency
Killer Strategies to Increase Business Efficiency 
Tim Jefferies at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management

In this presentation we will explore how remote workers lose thousands of hours accessing PDF documents. This has become a growing concern, causing a decrease in productivity as well as employee frustration. Not to mention, waiting longer for PDF documents … Read more

Qualifizierte digitale Signatur integriert in SAP Geschäftsprozesse
Luftfahrtbundesamt verlangt QeS für alle Begleitdokumente von Teilelieferungen in der Zulieferkette. Wie integriert man eine Signaturanwendung in hochautomatisierte SAP Prozesse?
Dr. Uwe Wächter at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Digital signatures

Über die Zulassung und Freigabe luftfahrttechnischer Systeme und Komponenten verlangt das Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA) von den Herstellungs- und/oder Instandhaltungsbetrieben der Aviation Industrie entsprechende Nachweise. Bei Diehl Aviation werden in einem vollständig medienbruchfreien Freigabeprozess, unter Verwendung der QES, formularbasierte Zertifikatsdokumente generiert und … Read more

Robotic Process Automation and PDF
PDF Robo-Apocalypse or Automated PDF Utopia?
Neil Pitman at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Reuse

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to mimic human actions and automate everyday tasks.  This session will explain the place that PDF plays in the range of solutions that may be classified as Robotic Process Automation and how RPA … Read more

To Struggle and to Succeed
Trying, Failing, and Winning in the Accessibility Field
Peter Shikli at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

In February 2017, Peter Shikli launched Access2online to provide accessibility auditing of websites because he knew how to design websites. What little he knew about accessibility was almost completely wrong. Making this particularly challenging is the fact that he launched … Read more

Support of complex scripts in PDF
Lego game of text composition and text extraction algorithms
NO AUTHOR! at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Creation Reuse

Complex writing systems have always required special attention. Examples of such complex scripts are Arabic, Devanagari or Thai alphabets, but there are many more. In case of the PDF graphics model there are two key challenges when processing text in … Read more

Remove sensitive and personal data from your PDF documents with redaction
Supprimez les données sensibles et personnelles de vos documents PDF
Elodie Tellier at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Security Document management

Adoptez les meilleures pratiques pour extraire et supprimer de manière définitive les données sensibles de vos documents PDF natifs ou scannés dans tout type d’application. Ce procédé (“redaction” en anglais) est une étape essentielle pour tout système de gestion de … Read more

The PDF format, an essential tool for the digital transformation
Le format PDF, un outil essentiel pour la transformation numérique
Elodie Tellier at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management

Le format PDF est une véritable boite à outil qui permet de résoudre les nombreux challenges posés par la transformation numérique (acquisition, impression, archivage, mais aussi interopérabilité, accessibilité, sécurité et Green IT).  Polyvalent, normalisé et universel, le PDF est en … Read more

Generating well-tagged PDF documents
A well-defined procedure, or an undocumented art?
Ilya Idamkin at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Accessibility Creation Reuse

The talk is devoted to typical problems and possible solutions of generating PDF/UA compliant (or at least well-tagged) PDF documents from authoring applications such as rich layout WYSIWYG text editors, web browsers, and others. We touch on some ambiguous PDF/UA … Read more

Optimising PDF for Print, Digital and Accessible channels
A review of the challenges and solutions PDF provides for the full range of PDF use cases.
Tim Nelms at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Print Accessibility Security Digital signatures Archiving

In today’s digital world, PDF has become the most widely used format for customer communications management (CCM). Many organisations are struggling to achieve successful workflow management, production processing, streamlining access, and online delivery whilst ensuring document accessibility. If you are … Read more

PDF and Open Source
How far can you get?
Francois Fernandes at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Reuse

PDF is all around us and successfully drives many processes. But there are many circumstances when using a commercial software is not an option – for many possible reasons. What can be done in such situations? There seems to be … Read more

Forget the PS5, I’ve got a PDF 2.0
Creating PDF-based video games
Michael Demey at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

Remember when you used to get manuals with video games? We all lament the loss of those manuals (at least I do), but imagine if the manual was the game? After decades of dominating the document and printing industry, it is … Read more

Examining PDFs as an aggregate
What can thousands of PDFs tell us?
Patrick Gallot at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Document management Creation

PDFs is not a single application’s file format, it is a file format shared with thousands of applications, and each PDF producer seemingly has their own quirks for generating PDFs. What can we learn by examining a couple of largish … Read more

High-Security PDF Redactions
Closing known routes for leakage in redacted documents
Michael Vrhel at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

There is a well-defined mechanism for doing Redactions in PDF files; first, creating “redaction annotations” to mark up the items to be redacted, and then second, applying those annotations all at once. While simple in theory, in practice this process … Read more

Composing tables for Universal Accessibility
An overview of good and bad ways to create tables
Damiano Viscardi at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

Tables are too often created the wrong way: sometimes they lack content, sometimes they are too complicated to understand, sometimes they are even misused. This comes with a cost for accessibility: the content of the table is difficult to understand, … Read more

Unlocking PDF Drawings and Diagrams
How to Use PDF Graphics in Visio, PowerPoint and on the Web
Jean Haney at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

How to Open and Edit PDF Graphics in Visio, PowerPoint and on the Web During this session, the audience will learn about a simple, free tool for converting PDF-based graphics. By unlocking all objects, text, and attributes, drawings and diagrams … Read more

The ISO PDF/R 1.0 standard
What is it and how can it benefit you?
Rene Rebe at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Security Document management Digital signatures Archiving

PDF/R – the new ISO 23504-1:2020 standard for raster image data interchange. This session offers a summary and discusses how PDF/R can help modernize and secure scanned image data transfer, especially in the age of cloud and mobile business workflows.

PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and the other new PDF standards
A new dated revision of PDF 2.0 will soon be published and comes with a whole series of related standards.
Dietrich von Seggern at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )
Print Document management Creation Archiving Reuse

PDF/A-4 introduces various changes in features and structure of conformance levels. Also new are PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3 and PDF/R. In addition ISO used the opportunity to harmonize all these standards so that it will be more straightforward for a PDF to … Read more

Case Study: Creating Training Materials for Accessibility Specialists
Peter Shikli at OctoberPDFest online ( 2020, Oct )

Take an in-depth look at what one company has learned through the years about what we’ve done well, what we’ve done poorly, and where we are now with creating training materials for our analysts. Holding a unique position as both … Read more