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PDF Technologies, Inc.

PDF Technologies, Inc. is an international software service provider with offices in Singapore, Taipei, Changsha, and other locations. Initially focused on PDF document processing, PDF Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to delivering efficient office software and services. Its products, including PDF Reader Pro, ComPDFKit, Document AI, etc. are highly acclaimed and supported by 90 million users worldwide.

Our offerings span the PDF office domain, SDK technology licensing, SaaS public/private deployment, intelligent documents, and more. Whether individual users on the C-end or enterprise, government, and other business clients on the B-end, our software and services facilitate the transition from traditional paper documents to digitization, ultimately improving office efficiency!

PDF Technologies, Inc. will continually enhance its product development and innovation capabilities, cultivate an efficient team culture, and provide a continuous source of energy and vitality for its products and services.

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Full Member
Joined March 2024
Headquartered in China


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