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The PDF Association publishes a variety of documents and other resources for those interested in leveraging PDF technology, and as of Q4 2021, also sells the ISO standards relating to PDF technology as developed by ISO TC 171 SC 2.

In addition to formal ISO standards many PDF Association publications developed through our publications process are freely available.

PDF Association members may access process documents and drafts of upcoming ISO standards via the Member Area.

This document broadens the concept of XMP specified in ISO 16684-1 so that XMP can … Read more

This document defines how the XMP data model can be serialized to JSON-LD.

This part of ISO 16684 specifies the use of RELAX NG to describe serialized XMP … Read more

This document defines two essential components of XMP metadata – data model and serialization.

An ISO extension to PDF 2.0 adding support for glTF 3D models in PDF.

ISO 14289-2:2024 (PDF/UA-2) defines the use of tagged PDF in files conforming to ISO 32000-2:2020 … Read more

ISO/TS 32005 extends ISO 32000-2 to clarify inclusion rules for using tags defined in the … Read more

ISO/TS 32003 is an extension that adds AES-GCM support to PDF 2.0.

This document explains how to extend PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2:2020) by adding the ISO 10303-242 … Read more

ISO/TS 32002 is a PDF 2.0 extension specification that adds support for NIST-P, Brainpool, Edwards … Read more

ISO/TS 32001 specifies how to extend PDF 2.0 by adding support for the use of … Read more

ISO/TS 32004 is a PDF 2.0 extension that provides integrity protection along with confidentiality for … Read more

This document specifies the set of metadata to be used to communicate the approval status, … Read more

This document specifies Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) interchange as a container for document objects by … Read more

PDF/VCR enables variable data printing applications using PDF template-based variable content substitution and a framework … Read more

The ISO 16612 family of standards defines PDF/VT for supporting variable data and high-volume transactional … Read more

The ISO 15930 family of standards define PDF/X, which support the graphic arts and professional … Read more

ISO 19444 specifies an XML format for representing forms data and annotations in ISO 32000-2 … Read more

ISO 21757-1 defines the ECMAScript API for automating and interacting with the 2D and 3D … Read more

PDF/R defines a small subset of ISO 32000 suitable for storage, transport and exchange of … Read more

ISO 32000 is the family of ISO standards that defines the core PDF specification for … Read more

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