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Supporting PDF/UA

The PDF Association recognizes its members supporting ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)! Members offering PDF/UA services are also recognized. See the key for more information about this table. NOTE: All claims are made by the software publisher or service provider, and have not been vetted by the PDF Association. Please see each vendor's "More info" link for additional information. Organizations listed in italics are not members of the PDF Association but are included in this listing because they are either assistive-technology providers or developers of free open source software, with products that offer at least partial support for tagged PDF and PDF/UA.


Key to Product Features

Creation: Tagged PDF

The ability to create tagged PDF documents with semantically-appropriate structure elements from a source file or existing untagged PDF.

Creation: PDF/UA

The ability to create PDF documents conforming to PDF/UA (ISO 14289-1:2014).


The ability to correct the logical structure tree of a tagged PDF file.


The ability to confirm PDF/UA conformance based on the Matterhorn Protocol's set of checks. Some applications perform only machine checks, some facilitate the human verification necessary for complete validation of accessibility.


The product includes an end-user-oriented interactive PDF (or PDF-alternative) viewer that uses tagged PDF to make PDF/UA files available to Assistive Technology.